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questions & answers

How can I get a voucher?

You can send a refund request to voucher here, the voucher will be sent to the original email address of the customer

How long is the voucher valid?

Voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of the request

What kind of Vietnam Airlines's services can redeem from voucher?

Customers can use this voucher to buy tickets, luggage and other complementary services of Vietnam Airlines

Is the value of the voucher equivalent to the ticket value?

The value of the voucher is equivalent to the value of the ticket, depending on the market and place of ticket issuance, customers will receive different offers. For more details, please contact to our hotline or Vietnam Airlines branch / ticketing agent

Are international travel tickets redeemed free of charge and waived fee?

No. It is only applied for VN tickets (code 738 ) with international travel on / before March 31, 2020 are confirmed for seats on flights operated by Vietnam Airlines

When is the deadline of new tickets for international itinerary?

For tickets with international itineraries, your new ticket is extended to use until December 31, 2021

Do I have to pay the difference between the new ticket and the old one?

You could be charged the fare difference, taxes, fees and surcharges (if any)


For futher information, customers are welcomed to contact any Vietnam Airlines branch office, issuing office or our Customer Service Center through listed addresses

Domestic call: 1900 1100

International call: +84 24 38320320

Email: Telesales@vietnamairlines.com