Special services

Special Meals

Special Meals

Understanding diversity among dining cultures and special nutritional requirements, we are proud to offer a full range of meals to suit most dietary preferences. Our alternative meals are available for pre-order.

Vegetarian Meals

Children’s Meals

Religious Meals

Medical Meals

Other Special Meals

Specially, in the flights between Vietnam and Malaysia, the food prepared in compliance with the Halal and hygiene requirements according to Islamic Dietary Law are available to serve our passengers.

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Ordering your Special Meal

Alternative meal options are only supplied on demand. Therefore, we would like to inform you of the following information before you pre-order your special meals:

  • Vietnam Airlines is unable to supply special meals on some routes where there is not adequate time to prepare them. Special meals are not available on flights without in-flight dining services. Please contact your booking agent for more details.
  • Special meals should be pre-ordered and confirmed 24 hours prior to departure. Some special meals such as the Kosher meals are only available on selected flights and must be requested 72 hours prior to departure.
  • If you change your route or flight schedule, please be sure your special meal has been re-ordered and confirmed in accordance with your new itinerary.

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Infants & Children


Vietnam Airlines is pleased to provide convenient flights to you and your children. Both your children's comfort and your peace of mind are very important to us. That's why we've outlined travel guidelines and safety restrictions to ensure your kids' trips.

Infant under 2 years of age

Vietnam Airlines accept passengers traveling with healthy infant and supply services for our little passengers as belows:

  • Baby stroller

When traveling with your infant, you may carry a baby stroller with your infant. You should check in your baby stroller or use it up to the boarding gate. However, some airports may deny carrying strollers inside the boarding areas. Please ask the airport personnel if this is possible when you check-in.

Space on board is limited, so checking-in your stroller is strongly encouraged. Strollers as checked baggage will be returned to you as quickly as possible upon arrival. 
  • Bassinet service

Vietnam Airlines offers bassinet service free of charge. This service is available on board for infant up to 2 years of age if weights of infant do not exceed 11 kgs. Request must be made at least 24 hour before departure. Please note that bassinets are available in limited numbers and bassinets are available on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Special meals

Baby meals are free of charge. Baby meals must be made at least 24 hours before departure. Please note that availability of baby meal service depends on routing and each airport catering. Please see more details in Special Meals.

  • Important note:
Infants under 7 days of age, prematured or unhealthy infant being fed in oxygen tent is not accepted. However, if you are traveling with a prematured infant or an infant in medical problems, medical clearance is required. Please see MEDA passenger.

Children from 2 up to under 12 years of age

Vietnam Airlines accept children passengers who have reached their second birthday but not 12th birthday on the date of commencement of a segment. Children are required to travel with an accompany.

Passengers from 2 years up to under 14 years of age traveling alone are required to register Unaccompanied Minor service.
  • Special meals
Child meals must be made at least 24 hours before departure. Please note that child meal service availability depends on routing and each airport catering. See more details in Special Meals.

Infants & Children

Every child must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. The child and accompanying passenger must travel in the same compartment of a flight or the child will be considered as an unaccompanied minor.

The adult must be an able – bodied person and not require any special service (except “special meal”). The accompanying passenger must be willing and capable to take full responsibility over the infant, and can not be the accompanying person of a disabled passenger at the same time.

Each adult passenger is accepted to travel with number of infants and children as below:

Infant under 2 years

Children under 6 years

Children from 6 years and over


Each accompanying passenger



No limitation

Accompanying cabin crew service is required for each infant/children exceed this limitation.

Each accompanying passenger


No limitation

Adults: From 12 years old at the time of traveling on the first flight.

Childen: From 2 to under 12 years old  at the time of traveling on the first flight.

Infants: From 7 days to under 2 years old (at the at the time of traveling on the first flight for itineraries wholly operated by Vietnam Airlines; at the time of traveling on the last flight for itineraries having a flight operated by other airlines).

Children who has not reached his/her second birthday on the date of commencement of a segment may not travel alone under any circumstances.

Unaccompanied Children


Vietnam Airlines is pleased to provide comfort and peace of mind to our unaccompanied minor passengers when travelling on our flights.

Unaccompanied minor service is available for passengers from 2 to 12 years of age travelling alone on Vietnam Airlines’ flights.

Acccompany cabin crew service is available for passengers travelling alone. Vietnam Airlines arranges one cabin crew to take care of the minor during flight.

Age Required service Optional service
From 2 years of age up to under 6 years of age Unaccompanied minor service
Acccompany cabin crew service
From 6 years of age up to under 12 years of age Unaccompanied minor service Acccompany cabin crew service
From 12 years of age up to under 18 years of age Unaccompanied minor service
Acccompany cabin crew service

Service request in advance

Unaccompanied Minor service must be made at least 24 hours before deparure.
Unaccompanied Minor required accompany cabin crew service: requires pre-booking at least 3 days before departure of itinerary containing only domestic sectors, at least 5 days before departure of itinerary involving international sectors.

Service fee 

Notice for parents

Before flight

Parents or guardians request unaccompanied minor service and accompanying cabin crew service directly at Vietnam Airlines Branch Offices or via emails.

Download forms below, fill in and send request via email:

Handling Advice for Unaccompanied Minor

Consent form for unaccompanied Minor

Parents or guardians must supply information such as minor ‘s full name, date of birth, age, sex, routing, flight date; parents or guardians ‘ name, address, phone number; person meeting off at departure, person meeting on arrival …

Parents or guardians study and prepare adequate documents for concerned regulations of all countries, airports, airlines involved in minor’s itinerary.

Departure flight: 
  • The accompanying adult and the minor must be present at departure station at least 2 hours before departure. Passengers are required to bring along all documents when onboard all flight with unaccompanied minor service requested. 
  • The person accompanying the minor to the airport must show all neccessary identity documents to certify the information as appeared in the “Handling advice for unaccompanied minor”.
  • The person seeing off the minor at departure station must complete all procedures for minor before departure and wait until the plane takes off. 
Arrival flight: 
  • The person meeting the minor on arrival must be present at the destination station at least 30 minutes before arrival.
  • The person meeting the minor at arrival station must show all necessary identity documents to certify the information as appeared in the “Handling advice for unaccompanied minor”.

Passengers With Disabilities

Passengers with disabilities

Mobility Aid Services (*)

Vietnam Airlines always provides passengers with disabilities our warmest assistance. 

Vietnam Airlines offers the following Mobility Aid services:

  •    Blind Passenger Service – free of charge;
  •    Deaf Passenger Service – free of charge;
  •    Wheelchair Service – free of charge;
  •    Service dog accompanying disabilities – free of charge;
  •    Disabilities passenger’s wheelchair – free of charge;
  •    Accompanying cabin crew service – fee applied (except on flights to/from the US).
  • Please inform our branch offices of any special assistance you may require while travelling with us. 

    Important Note: Vietnam Airlines accepts for carriage accompanied/unaccompanied blind, deaf or with problems walking if he/she is otherwise healthy and does not require medical clearance. Passengers requiringed medical clearance see details here.

    On flights to/from the US, medical clearance is required only if: 

  • The passenger is traveling in a stretcher or needs medical oxygen during flight, or 

  • The passenger’s medical condition is such that there is reasonable doubt the passenger can complete the flight safely without extraordinary medical assistance during flight

        • Request Mobility Aid Services – So simple!

      When to request (*)

    Except on flights to/from the US requests for Blind Passenger Service, Deaf Passenger Service, Wheelchair Service or carriage of service dog must be made as soon as possible and:

    •    At least 24 hours before departure of international flights.
    •    At least 8 hours before Vietnam domestic flights.

    -          Request for accompanying cabin crew service must be made as soon as possible and:

    •    At least 5 days before departure if your itinerary involves one or more international sectors and
    •    At least 3 days before departure if your itinerary involves only Vietnam domestic sectors.

    On flights to/from the US, 48 hours advance notice is required for: 

    - Provision of hazardous materials packaging for wheelchairs and other assistive devices, if needed, 
    - Transportation of a group of ten or more disabled individuals traveling as a group, 
    - Transportation of an emotional support or psychiatric service dog in the cabin, 
    - Transportation of a service dog in the cabin on a flight segment lasting 8 or more hours, 
    - Accommodation of a passenger who has both severe vision and hearing impairments, 
    - Use of a ventilator, respirator CPAP machine or POC, 
    - Use of an incubator, 
    - Hookup a respirator, ventilator CPAP or POC to the aircraft electrical system or use of a stretcher; 72 hours advance notice is required for receipt of carrier-supplied medical oxygen.

    Where and How to request (*)

    Please advise us of your physical condition in advance for better airport and cabin assistance, after reservation and ticketing at our office through online booking. Special service requests can be made as follow:

                Important information:

    We advise passenger should download Useful information to passenger requiring wheelchair service here.

    Travelling with companion and supportive devices

    Travelling with an escort

    Passengers with physical challenges are highly recommended to travel with an escort. Please let us know if you travel alone or travel with your companion at the time you make reservation.

    The escort accompanying the passenger with physical challenges must be 18 year of age or older, able- bodied, not accompanied by an infant/a child and not requiring any special service or require any special service (except for special meal).

    On flights to/from the US: 

    We may require you to travel with a safety assistant if 

    - You are traveling in a stretcher or incubator; 
    - Due to a mental disability, you are unable to comprehend or respond appropriately to safety instructions from carrier personnel; 
    - You have a severe mobility impairment that makes you unable to physically assist in your own evacuation of the aircraft; or 
    - You have both a severe hearing and vision impairment such that you cannot communicate with our personnel so that we can convey to you the safety briefing and you cannot assist in your own evacuation of the aircraft in case of emergency (in this case, if you wish to travel alone, at least 48 hours prior to departure you must provide us with explanation as to how you can safely travel).  
    - In cases (ii), (iii) and (iv), if we determine you must travel with a safety assistant and you disagree, we will not charge for the safety assistant.  

    Travelling with a service dog

    If passengers are travelling with a service dog,  emotional support dog or psychiatric service dog, animal as checked baggage procedure must be completed, except on flights to/from the US when the dog is transported in the cabin.

    Travelling with supportive devices

    Walking aids such as canes and crutches can be carried onboard. These need to be small enough to fit in the priority stowage area (on flights to/from the US) or be stowed under your seat or in the overhead compartment, and must not to protrude into any other seating, floor space or the main aisle.

    Travelling with your wheelchair

    Vietnam Airlines accepts  a wheelchair that you are using free of charge. Please advise us the following information upon calling our reservation.

    • Manual type Wheelchair
        1. Collapsible or NOT
        2. Collapsible or NOT
        3. Size(The height, the width and the depth)
        4. Weight
        5. Gas spring Type or NOT (for international flight).
    • Battery-operated electric type
      1. Type of battery
      2. Collapsible or NOT
      3. Size(The height, the width and the depth)
      4. Weight
      5. Gas spring Type or NOT (for international flight).

    Useful tips for passengers with disabilities

    Check in time

    You are advised to come to the airport early with sufficient time to check-in with priority boarding service and have your wheelchairs and/or supportive devices well-packaged and checked.

    At least 1 hour prior to departure for domestic routes.

    At least 2 hours prior to departure for international routes.

    *We offer special check in counter “Special Service Counter” at some airports.

    Priority boarding service

    Vietnam Airlines offers priority boarding for passengers with physical challenges. Please contact our staff near the gate for this service.

    In the Cabin

    • You are requested to sit upright in a straight-back seat with seat belt fastened.
    • Flight attendants will assist you between your seat to and from the aircraft lavatory.
    • Flight attendants on international routes can help you write your embarkation form.

    Important information:

    While our cabin crew will do everything possible to provide assistance to passengers during the flight, please note that we are unable to provide passengers with any assistance for personal care needs such as feeding, elimination functions including assistance in side the lavatory or other personal care needs. Additionally, cabin crew are trained only in FIRST AID and are NOT PERMITTED to administer any injection or medication. 

    Special meals

    If you have meal preference, please request Special Meal upon reservation. 

    Upon Airport Arrival

    Vietnam Airlines offers with a wheelchair at the arrival airport. Our airport staff or your escort will help to physically carry you down the stairs upon, boarding and deplaning the aircraft.

    Pregnant Passengers

    Pregnant passenger

    Vietnam Airlines will bring pregnant passengers the best comfort and special assistance. For safety concerns, pregnant passengers are advised to inform our staff about your pregnancy status at reservation.

    Precaution before travel

    In general, it is safe to fly during pregnancy. However, Vietnam Airlines advise all pregnant passengers to consult their doctor before planning a trip. 
    - Consult your physician in advance to see if it is safe for you to fly.
    - Consult with your doctor if you have any systems such as bleeding or morning sickness, or if you have any complications including threatened miscarriage, anemia, or toxemia of pregnancy during pregnancy.
    - Reduce stress as much as possible.
    - The best time to travel during pregnancy is the stable period between 12 and 28 weeks.

    Information for carriage of pregnant passengers on Vietnam Airlines as below:

    Pregnancy period (*) Travel on Vietnam Airlines Document required (**)
    1 Within 32 weeks Pregnant passengers are accepted to travel as  regular passengers. As normal passenger


    From 32 weeks to under 36 weeks

    Pregnant passengers are required for Medical Clearance.



    3 From 36 weeks; or Expected child bearing time of within 07 days before departure; or within 07 days after child bearing

    Air travel during this period is prohibited due to safety concerns

    4 Special case:
    Uncertain time of being pregnant or estimated date of delivery;
    Previously having twin, triplet children;or multiple pregnancy;
    Having complications which can be arisen when delivery;
    Being pregnant by artificial insemination.
    Pregnant passengers are required for Medical Clearance.



    (*) Pregnancy period of the pregnant passenger is calculated until the flight date.

    (**) MEDIF II can be replaced by sets of documents, each set containing one copy of foetus examination book, ultrasound examination result, etc which states by specialized physicians:

    • Whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy
    • The estimated week of pregnancy
    • The expected date of delivery
    • That you are in good health and the pregnancy is progressing normally, without complications
    • That you are fit to travel.

    If a passenger’s itinerary involves international sector travel, passengers must prepare an additional set of documents in English certified by a notarial office with legal status. 

    Valid of documents:

    Medical certificate dated within 7 days of the initial travel date. The same medical certificate is valid for the next sector(s) provided there is no complication during the journey and the pregnant will fulfils the requirement of within 36 weeks on the day of commencing.

    Updated medical certificate within 7 days prior to the commencing date is required if pregnant experience any medical complications during travel.

    Important note

    Pregnant passengers are advised to prepare all tickets, travel documents and medical clearance for flight. All required documents must be valid for the whole itinerary. For your safety, if you choose not to carry a medical certificate, if your medical certificate is out of date, or if it does not contain the information required, Vietnam Airrlines reserves the right to deny boarding.

    Some countries place limitations on the entry of non-national pregnant women. It is advisable to check with the local consulate to confirm the country specific requirements.

    Please contact Vietnam Airlines for more details here

    Extra Seats

    Extra Seat for Passenger

    Extra seat service is the service offered to oversized passengers requiring 2 adjacent seats on board in the same flight; or the service offered to passengers requiring 2 adjacent seats for more convenient.


    • Request must be made at least 24 hours before departure time.
    • There is no limitation on the number of extra seat passengers on each flight.
    • Extra seat is required to book on the same flight, same date, same class of service.


    Passengers With Medical Requirements


    Before flight

    • Reservation

    Before flight, special service passenger is required to make advance reservation at Vietnam Airlines ‘s branch offices. Our staff is willing to asisst passenger with neccessary procedures.

    • Documents

    Passengers who has the above mentioned health condition need to provide the below documents before travelling with Vietnam Airlines:

    • MEDIF I: Medical Clearance Form - part I: passenger fill in this form
    • MEDIF II: Medical Information Form - part II, Guidance to the physicians: bring forms to medical centers for health status certification. 

    • Document completion time

    Passenger must complete required documents within 14 days before departure of each sector.

    Some cases, passengers must complete required documents within 7 days before departure of each sector:

    • Passenger requiring stretcher and/or oxygen.
    • Passenger requiring Medical devices.
    • Pregnant with pregnancy of from 36 weeks.
    List of medical centers
      Only the documents issued by the medical centers are accepted by Vietnam Airlines here

    The escort of special service passenger

    The escort of special service passengers must adapt following conditions:
    • Travel on the same flight number, date, sector and class of service with special service passenger.
    • The escort must be 18 years of age or older (from the date of departure).
    • Having civil act capacity; not being categorized as not having civil act capacity, restricted civil act capacity as stipulated in the Civil Code of Vietnam.
    • Being able-bodied.
    • Being able to take care of special passenger during the flight (professional qualification as a physician or a nurse is preferred).
    • Not requesting special service (except passenger requires SPML).

    (*) Important information: Special service passengers requiring medical clearance is not required to travel with escort when:

    • Not being in serious status, being able to comfort /himself with his illness, being certified to travel himself by medical centers.
    • Being able to move, feed and care for himself during the flight.
    At the airport<