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    Our Frequent Flyer Program - Golden Lotus Plus (GLP) Program | Vietnam Airlines

    Golden Lotus Plus (GLP) Program

    Golden Lotus Plus Program offers Vietnam Airlines’ frequent flyers plenty of benefits such as Free Tickets, Privileged Service and Remarkable Convenience.

    As Members of the Golden Lotus Plus program, whenever you travel with Vietnam Airlines or SkyTeam Airlines using products or services of GLP program partners, miles will be credited to your account. You can easily exchange your miles for valuable awards either for yourself or for friends.

    To join the GLP program, you can go to Enroll now and follow the instructions to register online.


    • The GLP membership number will be sent by email directly to members after successfully enrolling.
    • Please remember to quote your GLP membership number when making reservations and at check-in counter for your flight. By this way, you will begin to earn miles even before receiving your permanent card.

    • Keep your original boarding passes and ticket copies or e- ticket number and original invoice of GLP partners (as they may be required to verify claims for missing miles) until miles are credited to your account.

    • You will receive a permanent membership card and program material once you have completed your first eligible flight with Vietnam Airlines or any airlines in SkyTeam and miles have been credited to your account.

    • Members, who have postal addresses registering outside Vietnam, will receive the GLP permanent card in approximately 2 months. If it is not delivered after 2 months, please kindly contact to the nearest Vietnam Airlines’ branch office or Golden Lotus Plus center.

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