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    FAQ - Golden Lotus | Vietnam Airlines

    Golden Lotus

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    1. How to become Golden Lotus Plus member?

    You can register for membership online at . Go to section Frequent Flyer, select Enroll now and follow the instruction.

    2. I just enrolled in the Golden Lotus Plus Program, can I get miles for the flights I have already taken before ?

    No, according to the Golden Lotus Plus terms & conditions, you can earn miles for your flights after becoming a Golden Lotus Plus member only.

    3. I have successfully enrolled in the Golden Lotus Plus Program, when will I receive my Golden Lotus Plus membership card?

    You can start earning miles right after successful registration by entering Member code/ID when making reservations and check in at the airport.
    A Silver membership card will be issued within 30 working days after you have taken one (01) eligible flight with Vietnam Airlines or any airlines in Skyteam.

    4. Who are the SkyTeam Alliance members? What are privileges when flying with SkyTeam?

    SkyTeam airlines members are: Vietnam Airlines, Korean Air, Air France, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Chine Airlines, Alitalia, Delta Airlines, Aeroflot, AeroMexico, Kenya Airways, Tarom, Air Europa, Czech Airlines, KLM Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines ... to Click here view SkyTeam airlines members.

    When flying on SkyTeam airlines, according to your Golden Lotus Plus  membership tier, you will enjoy service benefits such as reservation priority, baggage privileges, lounge access... Click here to view full benefits when flying on SkyTeam airlines.

    5. In which fields does the Golden Lotus Plus have parnership?

    The Golden Lotus Plus has partnership with:
    •    Airlines partners
    •    Hotels partners
    •    Financial partners
    •    Telecom partners
    •    Car rental partners
    Click here to view the full list of GLP partners.

    Miles will be credited to your account when you make any purchases of goods and services from our eligible partners.

    6. I’m Platinum member of Vietcombank. What’s the most GLP premium frequent flyer benefits offered to me?

    Vietcombank Platinum card holders are automatically granted with GLP Titanium status,  privileged the best GLP miles earn rate at 1.5 mile for every VND 21,000 spent.Click here for more details.

    7. What are the differences between Accumulated mileages and Qualifying mileages? I have 45,000 miles in my account, can my membership level be upgraded to Gold tier?

    The Qualifying mileages are earned from eligible flights of Vietnam Airlines and SkyTeam alliance within a qualifying period. It does not include bonus and promotional miles. It will be used to value the membership status.
    Accumulated mileages includes qualifying, bonus and promotional miles and are valid within three years.
    You have 45.000 miles but you could not be upgraded to Gold level because the qualifying miles in the current qualifying period are less than 30,000 miles.

    8. I often fly Hanoi-Da Nang-Hanoi by Vietnam Airlines but the flown distance is short (377 miles) so how can I get the Platinum card in a qualifying period?

    From June 2012, GLP members can upgrade to the Platinum card after taking 50 eligible flights without earning 50,000 qualifying miles for 12 consecutive months of qualifying period.

    9. According to Golden Lotus Plus terms and conditions, Gold and Platinum members can have one more piece of  extra baggage allowance. Why can’t I enjoy that benefit on the whole route Hanoi-Taipei – San Francisco with Vietnam Airlines’ ticket with designated carrier code VN (Vietnam Airlines)?

    Gold and Plantinum members are offered one more piece of extra baggage allowance on flights operated by Vietnam Airlines. Therefore, GLP member can enjoy that benefit on Hanoi-Taipei itinerary only. Segment Taipei-San Francisco is operated by China Airlines, Vietnam Airlines is code-share partner only so that Golden Lotus Plus members are not offered the baggage allowance benefit.

    10. I’ve registered in two frequent flyer programs of SkyTeam airlines members. Can I accumulate mileages for both frequent flyer programs on one specific flight?

    No. The accumulated miles for each flight can be credited in one frequent flyer account only.

    11. Can I transfer my Golden Lotus Plus miles into other frequent flyer accounts of SkyTeam airlines partners?

    No. You can not transfer GLP miles to other frequent flyer account although it’s in SkyTeam Alliance or not.

    12. I purchased Economy class ticket but I was upgraded to Bussiness at check-in counter. So which class should be accumulated to my account?

    According to GLP terms and conditions, earning miles will be related to the booking class shown on the ticket.

    13. Are miles accumulated on SkyTeam flights considered qualifying?

    Yes. Miles accumulated on any eligible SkyTeam flights on eligible booking classes are considered GLP qualifying miles.

    14. How can I earn miles if I forget to show my card number when making reservations and check in at the airport.

    Members can claim for mileage within 12 months from the flying date with Vietnam Airlines and within 6 months or 12 months with Skyteam airlines (according to their privacy policy).

     15. How can I claim my missing miles?

    •    Airlines partners: Please send copy of ticket or E-ticket, original boarding pass to Golden Lotus Plus Centre, or the nearest Vietnam Airlines ticketing office or Vietnam Airlines overseas branch offices.
    •    Non-air partner: Please send your paid invouces with your card number to Golden Lotus Plus Center or the nearest Vietnam Airlines ticketing office or Vietnam Airlines overseas branch offices for crediting mileages to your account.

    16. Recently, I received a phone call, the caller introduced herself as GLP Center  staff and asked me to redeem my miles for an award ticket in order to sell it to her. Is it true that the Golden Lotus Plus Program has the policy to purchase GLP members’ award tickets? Please advise us further on this issue?

    Golden Lotus Plus Center would like to inform all its members as follows:
    •    It is not Golden Lotus Plus Center’s policy to purchase GLP members’ award tickets and such calls are false.
    •    Article 63 of the GLP program’s Terms and Conditions stipulates: "GLP award cannot be exchanged, transferred, inherited or misused". If any violations are detected, the GLP Center will apply Article 9: "The GLP Center reserves the right to deny providing awards, withdraw, or abort an Award already granted in case of misconduct, fraud, misuse of awards or failure to comply with GLP Terms and Conditions, Vietnam Airlines’ regulations or any related regulations ".

    17. How can I redeem award ticket? Why must I book ticket before claim award ticket?


    Member must complete an Award Request Form and send it together with a copy of member’s identity card or passport by mail, email, fax to Golden Lotus Plus Center or send request online via website at least 5 days (aplly to Gold, Platinum members) and 7 days (apply to Silver, Titanium members) prior to the  date of departure.
    Golden Lotus Plus Center will send E-award Certificate Number to member’s email address within 03 to 07 days. Remember present your E-award Certificate Number together with your membership card and original identify card or passpost at the chosen booking office to receive your award.
    Member should book ticket before claim award tickets to confirm seat availability. Golden Lotus Plus Center will base on reserved flight date, whether it’s on peak or low-seasons to determine the deducted mileages. 

    18. Please inform us about GLP terms and conditions for redemtion awards for  family or friends?

    Gold and Platinum members can request awards for their family, friends and person whose have the name indicated in Redemption Group Form (maximum of 07 people).

    19. Can I request award ticket during Vietnam’s Lunar New Year period?

    From 2013, Golden Lotus Plus members are entitled to redeem award on certain domestic routes in the peak period of Vietnamese Lunar New Year festival (Tet holiday) with miles deducted as twice as in off-peak period. Click here to view the rules for this award tickets.

    20. Could an issued award ticket be refunded or changed the original itinerary?


    No. Once the award ticket is issued, the traveler’s name, flight segment, class of service cannot be changed and non-refundable. Member can refund taxes of the award ticket only.

    21. I already had my E-award Certificate Number but when I went to issue the award ticket, my booking was cancelled. Why?

    Each booking has Time Limit to issue ticket. When this Time Limit expired, your booking has been cancelled. You must rebook the same itinerary for your award ticket and issue your award ticket as normal.

    22. I am a Gold member. Can I request an award ticket for an infant travelling with me without deducting miles in my account?

    Yes. Gold and Platinum members can request a free award ticket for infant under two years old who is registered on a Redemption Group Form and travelling in the same flight.
    You are required to show the infant’s birth certificate when issuing the award ticket and checking-in at the airport.

    23. Can I buy qualifying miles from GLP program to upgrade my membership tier?

    Yes. Passenger now can purchase qualifying miles to upgrade their Golden Lotus Plus membership tier. Purchased miles are not refundable and can be used for an award redemption following GLP regulations.
    Click here to view more about the terns and conditions . for purchasing qualifying miles

    24. Can I purchase GLP qualifying miles to give as a gift to my friends?

    Yes. The qualifying miles now are bought as present to other people and the buyer has to commit that he/she has had the receiver’s consent. Purchased miles are not refundable and can be used for an award redemption following GLP regulations.
    Click here to view more about the terns and conditions for purchasing qualifying miles.
    25. I don’t have enough miles to redeem an award tickets. Can I purchase miles from Golden Lotus Plus Program or receive miles from another GLP members?

    Yes. Member can purchase miles from Golden Lotus Plus Program or receive miles tranferred  from another GLP members when needing extra miles to redeem an award ticket. The purchasing miles and tranferring miles are not qualifying miles, non-refundable, only valid for claiming awards.
    Click here to view more about the terns and conditions for purchasing qualifying miles or contact Golden Lotus Plus or Vietnam Airlines branch offices.

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