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    Web Check In - General - Web Check in | Vietnam Airlines

    General - Web Check in

    “Web check-in”

    Web check-in is a convenient service that allows passengers to online check-in their flights with any devices connected to the Internet and accessed to Vietnam Airlines website

    Web check-in is applicable for passengers who have confirmed booking and valid e-ticket used on Vietnam Airlines’ flights.

    Web check-in is applicable for passengers on flights operated by Vietnam Airlines departing from:
    •     Busan (PUS)
    •     Da Nang (DAD)
    •     Ha Noi (HAN)
    •     Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)
    •     Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
    •     Phnom Penh (PNH)
    •     Siem Reap (REP)
    •     Seoul-Incheon Airport (ICN)
    •     Vientiane (VTE)
    •     Singapore (SIN)
    •     Tokyo-Narita Airport (NRT)
    •     Jakarta (CGK)

    •     Bangkok (BKK)

    •     Taipei (TPE)

    •     Frankfurt (FRA)

    •     Beijing (PEK)

    •     Hongkong (HKG)

    Web check-in is available for passengers from 24 hours to 02 hours prior to ETD ( Estimated time departure). When using web check-in, passengers are able to choose available seat on flight by themselves.

    Passengers can choose to print online boarding pass or receive them via email/e-device.

    After finish, passengers can request frontline staffs at check-in counter to change seats or do it by themselves if these seats are still available 

    Web check-in is not applicable for :
    •     Passengers who request Special Needs  (except for special meals)
    •     Passengers who are deportee, inadmissible.
    •     Passengers who travel with infants under 02 years.
    •     Passengers who travel with FOC, ID, AD tickets.
    •     Passengers who depart flights from airports not in the above list.
    •     Passengers who travel on flights operated by other airlines
    •     Passengers who travel on code-share flights between Vietnam Airlines and other airlines and these flights are operated by other airlines.

    “Online boarding pass”

    “Online boarding pass” is given to passengers by Vietnam Airlines after finishing web check-in process. They can be self-printed by passengers or received via email/e-device
    Frontline staffs at airport check-in counter will check “Online boarding pass” and stamp on them or change to traditional boarding pass. After this, Passengers will go through Security lines/ Immigration Areas, Business Lounge before go onboard.

    “Web check-in counter”

    Web check-in counter is an airport check-in counter for passengers who complete web check-in process, to verify their online boarding pass. Passengers can easily recognize them through their signs as “Web check-in counter”. Passengers please follow airport’s guide signs or contact to airport’s staff for assists.

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