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Corporate Accounts - Corporate Accounts Program | Vietnam Airlines

Corporate Accounts Program


About the Program


The Corporate Account Program is designed to support companies and organizations who are frequent users of Vietnam Airlines’ products. In this program we offer our Corporate Accounts a comprehensive solution, which reduces travel costs and increases service quality.


Benefits of Corporate Accounts Program 

  • Discount tickets, or free of charge tickets.
  • Free of charge excess baggage.
  • Service upgrade and other benefits and supports from VNA.

How to Become a Member


After filling in the “Vietnam Airlines Corporate Account Membership Application Form” and submitting it to Vietnam Airlines, involved parties will discuss and sign the Corporate Account Agreement. The Agreement could be signed between two parties: Vietnam Airlines and companies/organization, or multiple parties: Vietnam Airlines organization/companies and Vietnam Airlines’ official agents.

The Agreement validity is one year. Companies/organizations have to reach the committed international turnover target of the previous year before the Agreement can be extended.


Contact Us


Please, contact Vietnam Airlines offices in your region.

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